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Associations / Institutions


RUDYARD'S TRADING HOLDINGS is formed as a general trading enterprise that specializes in general trading in various industries.It's founders are well organized,punctual and competent.It provides expertise high quality of work to companies that provides shelter and product to people.Our initial focus will be to develop national and provincial for local clients in SOUTH AFRICA. OBJECTIVE 1.To contribute to better managed business ventures. 2.Supplying a high good quality and satisfying of products and services. 3.Start fulfilling consumers or client expectations.

South African Liquid Fuels Wholesalers Association

THE Liquid Fuels Wholesalers Association Of Southern Africa (hereafter referred to as the LFWA )

The LFWA was established at the end of 2011.

During May of 2012  an  Interim National Executive Committee was formed to run the association for a period of 6 month’s until an national AGM could be held. 

The first AGM was held in November 2012 , at which one of the most important issues decided upon at this AGM was the  choosing of a Management Team to run the association for the next 12 months. 

National Bureau of Petroleum and Mines (ONHYM) - Morocco

The ONHYM is the Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines - the National Bureau of Petroleum and Mines - of Morocco. It is an independent financially autonomous public institution.

ONHYM operations are supervised by the state to ensure compliance with the Act of Parliament with which it was created, especially with regard to its tasks and functions, and to ensure application of the law (Law 33-01) and regulations relating to public institutions in general.
ONHYM is also subject to financial control by the state, as applicable to public institutions.

Fossil Fuel Foundation

The Fossil Fuel Foundation (FFF) is a non-profit Trust made up of individuals from industry, government and non government organisations, academia and technology - all of whom have an interest in coal and energy. Multidisciplinary topics are covered including those in the coal producer and user sectors, clean coal technologies, alternative energies, conventional and unconventional gas, coalbed methane, health and safety, climate change and the environment.

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