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9th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference, 2016

The Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference is a unique conference that brings African producers, national oil companies, international oil companies, investors, financial institutions, service sector and entire stakeholders together to meet; share knowledge, exchange ideas, gain insight, showcase expertise and enhance business relationship. This upcoming event is no exception and promises more content, unique activities, top rated speakers, and more participation.



“Building supply chain capability

29th & 30th June, Safari Court Hotel Windhoek, NAMIBIA.


Dear Delegate,

The sophistication and complexity of the supply chain within the oil industry in each country is very much dependant on available infrastructure such as refineries, storage, tankers, pipeline, rail and road. The more vertically integrated a company is along the supply chain such as the oil majors the more the opportunity to optimize, improve margins and offer a competitive pricing. Building this supply chain capability in a systematic way can position a company to enter into deals across the entire supply chain i.e. from crude to customer. It also differentiates the company from the competitors leading to sustainability over the long term.

This workshop is designed to provide delegates with an overview of the supply chain within the oil industry. Specific focus on concepts on how to build, strengthen and optimize your supply chain capability will be explored so that it can be applied to your local markets.

Objectives of this workshop;


  1. Understand what components make up the Supply Chain
  2. Review how global Supply/Demand patterns affect product flows and pricing
  3. Identify areas across the Supply Chain that can be optimized
  4. Review economics along the Supply Chain with focus on margin enhancement
  5. Identify some of the infrastructure constraints specific to SADC
  6. Evaluate how these infrastructure constraints limits building supply capability


Our Expert Facilitator

Naidoo Morgan has more than 24 years’ experience in the petro-chemical industry having worked for Sasol, DuPont International and Caltex/Chevron. He held senior positions within these organizations’ ranging from Senior Scientist, Sales & Marketing Manager for Africa, Distributor Channel Manager, Supply Manager and Trading Manager. He has excellent professional and executive management abilities which include strategic planning, project & stakeholder management, value chain optimization, contract negotiations, sales channel profitability analysis, operational improvements and business process review principles and methodology.

Encouraged to participate;  Supply Chain Directors/Managers/Officer, Sales & Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, Finance Managers, Senior Management experienced in the Oil Industry, Communications Officers, PR Officers

We look forward to seeing you at the event.


5th Upstream & Downstream Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference

The 5th Upstream & Downstream Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference holds from 22-24 September, 2015 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.

The event seen by industry key players as the largest Local Content Powered oil & gas show in Nigeria, providing access to premium networking opportunities with prospective Business Partners, Technology Experts, Government Officials and Regulators.

Oil & Gas Africa Exhibition and Conference

It is truly remarkable how East Africa, and specifically Tanzania has in a short period of time become the main focus of attention as a source of new global gas supply. Large amounts of foreign investments have been invested in the Tanzanian Oil and Gas industry after its discovery. These investments have made East Africa the next lucrative market in the international scenario. A seminar on opportunities and new technologies in the industry will be another significant highlight of the event. 

4th Oil & Gas Africa Exhibition and Conference

The 4th Oil & Gas Africa - Int'l Trade Exhibition & Conference 27th to 29th April 2015, is a hub for key players in the oil and gas community, attracting leading oil, gas and petroleum companies from around the world.A seminar on opportunities and new technologies in the industry will be another significant highlight of the event. 

This regional trade event serves the resource-rich east African region and city of Nairobi; Kenya's major centre of oil and gas activity for many of the leading operators in the country.

Leadership & People Management Skills

Course Objectives

As international companies move towards a flatter, team-based structure, supervisors and team leaders need to learn to combine fulltime operational responsibilities with leadership roles. This practical activity-based course is aimed at developing essential leadership and people management skills in people who are relatively new to this demanding role.

What You Will Learn


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