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Africa LPG Trade Summit

CMT's inaugural Africa LPGtrade Summit is held in West Africa where potential is greatest - held on 7 - 9 May 2014 in Accra, Ghana. The summit will bring together the senior executives and decision-makers from LPG exporting, importing, marketing and distribution companies with government representatives, investors, regulators, financial institutions and suppliers of cylinders, technologies and accessories.

The objective of this summit is to facilitate discussion and partnerships to promote regional and international trade of LPG and the following:

Leadership & People Management Skills

As international companies move towards a flatter, team-based structure, supervisors and team leaders need to learn to combine fulltime operational responsibilities with leadership roles. This practical activity-based course is aimed at developing essential leadership and people management skills in people who are relatively new to this demanding role.

Contracts Strategy & Management

Developing your own effective procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy can make valuable quantifiable contributions to your company's performance.  This practical course shows you how to adopt a "best-practice" model, and outlines the latest thinking in upstream petroleum industry procurement. 

Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 2

This training course is split into three main topic headings, and will raise your knowledge and understanding of E&P finance and accounting through industry-specific examinations of current international practices and developments in financial accounting, joint-venture and production-sharing accounting and budgeting and cost control. You are encouraged to challenge existing methodology as a basis for reviewing procedures and introducing models of good practice into your own work place. 

Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 1

This introductory-level course provides a comprehensive overview of international accounting and finance practices in the E&P industry. It is particularly suitable for finance personnel who are new to the oil and gas industry, or want to gain a broader understanding of oil and gas financial policy, joint venture and cost-control topic areas.

5th Eastern Africa - Oil, Gas & Energy

“Exploration, Development, Production: Oil/Gas-LNG, New Ventures, Bid Rounds, Investment, Service/Supply”

Recent large and world-class gas discoveries in Mozambique and Tanzania, with potential for more to come, and commercial oil flows in Kenya, show the potential of the enormous exploration frontiers of Eastern Africa, both onshore and offshore. The impact of this resurgence is rebalancing the Africa oil-gas industry landscape into a wider continental oil and gas/LNG game, with potentially global consequences.


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