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New MD of Engen Mauritius has an impressive African track record

Ivorian-born Adama Soro arrived in Mauritius in 2016 to take the helm as the new Managing Director of Engen on the island. Having previously been assigned to head up Engen Rwanda (2008-2011), before taking over as MD of Engen Gabon (2011-2016), Soro has valuable experience in the distribution and marketing of oil and gas products to go with his obvious appetite for raising the bar: Engen Rwanda and Engen Gabon both achieved Engen ‘Affiliate of the Year’ awards under his direction.

Soro grew up in Côte d'Ivoire where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and industrial automation. He sees himself mainly as a person of principle and attributes his numerous successes to his belief that every human being must bring value into everything he undertakes. "Work should be about passion,” he maintains. “For me, it's a pleasure to work, just as I enjoy mountain biking. The motivation is passion and then the desire to add value.”

Soro’s ability to add value has inspired others to do the same. “I like to create the joy of life around me, because we cannot be happy alone. It is an important quality and I try to apply this on a daily basis,” he adds.

As a result of Soro’s infectious enthusiasm, his vision for Engen Mauritius will be pursued with typical vigour and determination. His goals include ensuring operational execution so that Engen is a preferred supplier and service provider in Mauritius and a contributor of outstanding results.

“This will in part be achieved by stimulating the development of Engen Mauritius employees and by being recognised by neighbouring communities as a company that really contributes to the region.”

Soro’s passion is buoyed by the opportunities for growth on the Indian Ocean Island, coupled with a clear strategy which will be supported by three levers.

“I will work to ensure outstanding execution of Engen’s base business, improve our ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) to exceed the average achieved in Engen’s other sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean island territories, and finally to grow the Marine Segment and enter the LPG business”

As the father of four children, including twins, Soro enjoys spending quality time with his family. He recognises that his children often criticise him for his impatience.

General Manager of Engen’s International Business Division, Drikus Kotze says: “Adama has very clear goals, expectations and timeframes. Engen Mauritius will no doubt benefit from these attributes, along with his relentless energy and positive outlook.”

As to whether he adds Engen Mauritius to his growing collection of Engen ‘Affiliate of the Year’ awards, only time will tell. But with an enviable track record, only the brave would bet against it.

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