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Manufacturers & Suppliers

Landee Pipe Flanges Dealer

Landee Pipe Flanges Dealer is a leading and professional manufacturer for flanges used in pipe systems. With 20 years experience in flanges manufacturing field, Landee can produce industrial flanges at precise sizes and shapes according to customers' requirements. We offer products like blind flanges, anchor flanges, ring flanges, spacer flanges, spade flanges, threaded flanges, weld-neck flanges, slip-on flanges, orifice flanges, lap-joint flanges and socket weld flanges. 

Unique Hydra

Unique Hydra, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of deep sea marine and commercial diving equipment to the oil and gas industry.

Exterity Ltd.

Exterity is the market leading enterprise IPTV specialist with products and systems deployed globally by some of the most recognised brands in the world. Exterity solutions enable organisations to distribute broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralised management, configuration and control, Exterity systems can support large volumes of channels, displays and users without compromising image quality.

Sapcon Instruments

Sapcon Instruments manufactures industrial process control and automation instruments including level indication related solutions. Sapcon's technical know-how features a broad range of level-sensing technologies capacitance level sensor , RF-admittance, conductivity, ultrasonic and magnetostrictive.


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