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5th Eastern Africa - Oil, Gas & Energy

“Exploration, Development, Production: Oil/Gas-LNG, New Ventures, Bid Rounds, Investment, Service/Supply”

Recent large and world-class gas discoveries in Mozambique and Tanzania, with potential for more to come, and commercial oil flows in Kenya, show the potential of the enormous exploration frontiers of Eastern Africa, both onshore and offshore. The impact of this resurgence is rebalancing the Africa oil-gas industry landscape into a wider continental oil and gas/LNG game, with potentially global consequences.

20th Western Africa - Oil, Gas & Energy

“Exploration, Development, Production: Oil/Gas-LNG, New Ventures, Bid Rounds, Investment, Service/Supply”

Global Pacific & Partners announce their 20th Western Africa Oil, Gas/LNG & Energy 2014 Conference, to be held at the Country Club, Windhoek, Namibia, over 15-16 April 2014, with the 10th Western Africa: Strategy Briefing taking place on the 14th April at same venue.

Africa Energy Forum (AEF)

Africa’s combined economies are predicted to grow at 7% over the next two decades. This is faster than China. However, the significant economic growth rates evident in many African countries are unsustainable without massive energy investments. The opportunities and challenges provide an exciting future for those engaged in Africa’s power market and AEF 2013 provides all key stakeholders an opportunity to discuss how they can work together to close the current power gap and meet future electricity demands.

Gabon Oil & Gas 1st National Forum

The premier forum for Gabonese leaders to engage with international investors and build solid and long standing business relations.

With the support of the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Water Resources and the Agency of Promotion of Investment and Exportations, the premier and only national forum on Gabon oil and gas development will enable the entire oil and gas value chain to get into the heart of the country needs.

The aims of the forum are to:

-promote Gabon as an activity hub for the CEMAC region

Pre-Salt Development West Africa Congress 2013

The striking geological resemblance between the pre-salt areas off the West Coast of Africa and the successful pre-salt discoveries in Brazil, have sparked interest from oil & gas companies and investors across the globe. The potential within basins in Angola, Namibia, Gabon, Congo, DRC and West Coast Cameroon have caught the attention of both the industry and the global media.

20th Africa Oil Week

The 20th Africa Oil Week 2013 taking place from 25-29th November 2013 at a new venue, the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa. It is the world’s longest standing and leading meeting for Africa’s oil and gas industry, and celebrates its Twentieth Anniversary. Over 1,250 delegates from six continents attend the Conference. Over 95 leading speakers from leading corporates, governments, national oil companies, licensing agencies, independents, banks, service and supply, analysts and institutions, will give insight into the Continent’s future.

FPSO Hot Spots West Africa 2013

Hot on the heels of the inaugural 2013 African FPSO conference held in Nigeria, we bring you FPSO Hot-Spots West Africa 2013 on November 11-14 2013. The event will bring you up to date info on new FPSO technologies and insights into petroleum industry trends and forecasts. At FPSO Hot Spots West Africa 2013 you will also:

7th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference, 2014

Achieving Potentials & Growth in Africa's Upstream, Downstream & Shale

The objective of this conference is to create a common forum where top government officials, national oil companies from Sub-Saharan Africa, international oil companies, independent exploration, production, service companies, industry top players, investors, financial institutions and private equity firms will meet to exchange ideas, and also showcase available opportunities.

What you will gain by attending:


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