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Women in Energy - Africa 2013

As the energy sector continues to be one of the foremost pillars of economic development and due to the rising demands for developing Human Resources to actively foster and nurture this sector and support its growth, tapping on to women work force is not just a need of the hour, but one of the corner stones to ensure its continued growth.

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit

The 2013 North Africa Oil & Gas Summit will tackle all the critical issues – from the E&P challenges of mature fields, offshore and unconventional gas, to the non-technical challenges including resourcing strategies, environmental, social and security risks. And 2013 sees the launch of the North Africa Unconventionals Seminar – bringing together the foremost experts in unconventional gas development from around the world, to develop a meaningful and practical shale gas development plan for the region.

Oil & Gas Summit Africa

The Oil & Gas Summit Africa brings together leading oil and gas industry executives in Africa to discuss the changing energy industry, specifically how challenges can be overcome and growth opportunities maximized within organizations. Through agenda sessions that create opportunities for in-depth conversations, attendees discuss current industry topics and trends in an exclusive, peer-to-peer business setting, sharing best practices, recent projects and lessons learned. The event is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and insight.

North Africa Gas Summit

  • How do you incentivise investors to increase and ensure sustainable production?
  • How do governments manage booming domestic demand whilst meeting export commitments?
  • What are the current projects that are underway?
  • What opportunities lie ahead in conventional gas and unconventionals in North Africa?
  • What role can gas production play in economic growth?
  • How do governments & investors work together to increase gas production?

Africa Oil & Gas Finance and Investment Forum

The Africa Oil & Gas Finance and Investment forum is organised by AME trade and supported by the African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA) Fund for Technical Cooperation the event will bring together regional and international financial institutions, multilateral financial agencies, private equity, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, national and international oil companies, government and other industry stakeholders to explore effective finance solutions and strategies for unlocking Africa’s oil and gas potential across the value chain, at the same time showcasing maj

Unconventional Resources in Africa Reserve Estimation Strategy, Technology and Best Practice

Unconventional resources cover a broad range of oil and gas deposits that have been bypassed during much of the past 100 years as conventional oil and gas resources was able to meet the world’s demand.

As discussions of peak oil and the limitations placed on production by many foreign countries continue, companies from the U.S. and more recently Europe, South America and Asia have increasingly looked at unconventional resources as a viable source of oil and gas production.

Shale Gas In Algeria “Understanding The Risks And Opportunities Of Shale Gas Exploration And Production”

In 2012, Algeria announced that it would pursue shale gas exploration in an attempt to move towards unconventional fossil fuels, and a more secure energy future. According to the international Energy Agency, estimates of Algeria’s shale reserves amount to approximately 231tr cubic feet, enough to make it a major supplier to European markets in the long term. Economically speaking the benefit for Algeria could be huge, currently hydrocarbons account for around 90% of it exports. Shale gas will only serve to increase its export capacity while continuing to secure its energy future.

Shale Gas Southern Africa – Understanding The Risks And Opportunities Of Shale Gas Exploration And Production

In September 2012 the South Africa government lifted the moratorium on Shale Gas exploration and thus began a process of bringing Shale Gas into the South African energy mix as laid out in the IRP Framework.

In December 2012, the British government gave the go-ahead for Shale Gas exploration to resume.

In 2012, Algeria also announced that it would pursue shale gas exploration in an attempt to move towards unconventional fossil fuels, and a more secure energy future.

Tanzania Oil & Gas Suppliers Conference

Tanzania Oil and Gas Suppliers Conference (TOGSC) is a conference cum exhibition that will bring together key players from the value chain together with stakeholders from the government and the oil and gas industry to discuss and engage on the different opportunities and challenges within the East Africa Scenario particularly Tanzania. 
The first Tanzania Oil and Gas Suppliers Conference (TOGSC) will be held on the 25th and 26th of July at Hyatt Regency in Dar-Es-Salaam whereby we are excepting more than 250 delegates and media to attend this important event.


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